Pipe Relining

Drain Tech has the widest range of pipe relining techniques at our disposal. We can be extremely cost effective as we can tailor an individual scope of works for your job. From our Signature Piperat short form liners to continuous lining for house sewer drain rehabilitation work. We have the techniques and expertise that we give you peace of mind.

Cracked and deteriorating clay pipes can be relined and avoid the need to excavate the property and restore hard surfaces, landscaped yards etc… If the drain is under a house or driveway or road we can be a cost effective alternative with our No-Dig tactics. We don’t offer the relining option if we don’t think it will be a cost saving exercise.

Pipe relining is also an effective solution if there is a tight access property. When machinery excavation is not an option, pipe relining can overcome this obstacle.

Pipe relining older unit blocks can be cost effective due to the fact that the buildings are normally surrounded by concrete driveways and landscaped outdoor areas and the like.

If you have a leaking pool pipe, Drain Tech is the only accredited pool pipe relining installer in Queensland that is endorsed by Flow-Liner TM. If you have had your pool tested and the problem pinpointed, we can offer a trenchless solution (NO-DIG tactics) to reline your pool pipe.

What is pipe relining?

Pipe relining is a technique where an industry leading relining system is placed on the inside of an existing pipe, covering any cracks, leaks and weak spots. The lining has a 50-year design life and is often stronger that the existing pipe. The resin used, fills any leaks, cracks and seals the inside of the pipe ensuring a strong watertight and smooth interior. Effectively sealing the pipe from all exterior tree roots whilst allowing water and waste to pass through easily.

Pipe Relining Experts

Drain Tech are experts at no-dig pipe lining. Our newest technology is a robotic camera that crawls up drains and can cut blockages. Without digging trenches we can locate and identify any issues with your drain or sewer. We then rectify the problem either with our robotic cutter or utilize the power and efficiency of high pressure water (jet rodder) and then prevent any reoccurrence of the problem by relining your pipe or drain with pipe relining solution that has been developed and tested and has a design life of 50 years. This solution is placed on the inside of the pipe fixing any cracks or leaks – all without digging a single trench.

Drain Tech’s technology and experience guarantee to fix your drain, pipe or sewer problems right the first time. We stand by our word.

The areas we cover are:

  • Sunshine Coast
  • Brisbane
  • Wide Bay

The benefits of pipe relining are:

  • The landscape and surrounds remain intact and undisturbed
  • It saves time and therefore money
  • It’s effective and prevents reoccurrence maintaining the integrity of the pipe/drain.

Whether you are domestic, commercial or industrial; if you need your pipe, drain or sewer repaired properly the first time we’d be happy to help. Call Drain Tech on 0417 629 617 for a no obligation chat or email officetgplumbing@bigpond.com