CCTV Drain Camera Inspections

Seeing is believing! We always try to show to our clients the internal condition of the drain using a CCTV Drain Camera. This answers many questions, if the client can see how the tree roots are growing through the pipe joints they are more likely to understand how a blockage is formed. If there is a damaged section of drain, the camera can show us what has occurred.

If you have a drain that is repeatedly blocking up, we can combine the drain cleaning service with the CCTV drain camera inspection which will empower you with the knowledge of why and where the drain is blocking up. From this point Drain Tech can provide you with a recommendation to effectively repair the drain.

The camera head can be located at any time to pinpoint the problem in the drain. This technique can also be used to trace the location of the drain. Our drain cameras also provide a meterage read out which is an advantage on straight drains. Our drain cameras provide clear colour vision that can be captured to DVD at your request.

Do you suspect a leaky pipe might be a problem?

Drain Tech can detect and locate leaks in underground pipes with our CCTV technology or by testing with pressure sensitive equipment. We then apply our NO DIG Pipe relining technique to nip the problem in the bud before those tree roots move in or before you suffer from subsidence problems, eroded gardens or rotting timbers.

Drain Tech are certified CCTV operators able to undertake comprehensive CCTV sewer inspections on the Sunshine Coast, Wide Bay and Brisbane region.

If your local council has requested a report to “Build over Sewer” or Pre and Post construction requirements our CCTV drain camera will inspect the sewer and detect any breakages, faults or weak points, including any connections to the property.

The report includes the following:

  • Description of the property and its location,
  • The builder and developer’s details,
  • Date and time of inspection,
  • Expert observations,
  • A recording of the inspection on DVD,
  • Photo’s of any detected areas of interest including breakages, weak points etc…

If the CCTV camera detects a breakage we are able to deploy our NO DIG pipe relining technique to repair the problem.

If you need your drain pipes checked, cleared and cleaned or suspect a leaking pipe Drain Tech are your local experts. Call us on 0417 629 617 for a no obligation chat or email