Drain Clearing

Do you have blocked drains?

Drain Tech are the experts in Drain Clearing and Cleaning and cover all areas throughout the Sunshine Coast, Wide Bay and Brisbane. We use state-of-the-art technology to determine the cause of the blockage and clear it using a combination of CCTV cameras, high pressure water (jet rodder). Seeing is believing and the use of a CCTV camera actually shows our clients the internal condition of the drain. This answers many questions. The power of a jet rodder is at the end of the hose on the nozzle where it is needed, not at the motor of an old machine at the point of entry. Jet rodders can also clean grease lines and stormwater drains, remove drainage gravel and other debris that can cause drains to block and overflow.

What are the common causes of block drains?

Tree Roots & Leaves:
If you have a cracked pipe, it’s only a matter of time before tree roots will grow in the moist conditions. They seek out moisture, build up and eventually block the pipe. Do you have a lot trees growing around your home. Great for shade, but you need to ensure they don’t build up around your drains. They can wash down the drain, build-up and cause an obstruction.

Kitchen sink:
Fat and grease are the most common cause of blockages in the kitchen. The fat sticks to the inside of your drain pipe and builds up.

Shower and Bath:
Soap and hair are the culprits in this area. Even hair ties. Sanitary items, wipes and foreign objects flushed down the toilet. All sanitary items including wipes, cotton wool, ear buds should be placed in the bin. Even excessive use of toilet paper can cause blockages.

Drain Tech guarantees to clear and clean your drain pipes, eliminating the blockage and the often awful odours.

We are lucky to be living in South East Queensland, but our landscape and weather can deal us some problems that can be preventable.

  • Beautiful hinterland areas with a high density of trees and leaves which can build up and cause drain blockages
  • Wet season which can cause havoc if you’re drains or storm water systems are even partially blocked and you’re not aware of it.

When should you have your drains checked?

Having your drains cleaned prior to the Summer/Wet season is recommended so you can be ready for the downfalls.  This will ensure your drains and pipes are clear, your storm water system is clear and ready to handle those sudden summer storms without backing up and causing more problems. Any problems such as breakages can be repaired with our unique NO-DIG pipe relining technique in time to stop those moisture seeking tree roots.

If you need your drain pipes checked, cleared and cleaned Drain Tech are your local experts with guaranteed results. Call us on 0417 629 617 for a no obligation chat or email officetgplumbing@bigpond.com