Domestic Services – Get your drains cleared

Do you need your pipes or drains cleared around your Home?

If you have a blocked drain or sewer drain we can help. Drain Tech use NO-DIG tactics which means we can identify the location of the blockage, clear the problem and repair the pipe if necessary without digging up your property. If you need your drains cleared, we have the knowledge, experience and the right equipment.

What does “NO-DIG” tactics mean?

We inspect your drain or pipe with a CCTV camera, clear the blockage and apply our NO DIG pipe relining system so it doesn’t happen again. All without digging up your property. This means your garden, garage or driveway remains intact. By using a CCTV camera to diagnose the problem, the householder can actually see the issue and understand what needs to be done to repair it. We identify the problem and offer the best solution for that situation.

In the past blocked drains were an expensive exercise especially if the drain or pipe is under your driveway, or garage. Due to the majority of the cost being the repair of the structure covering the drain or pipe. Because we use NO-DIG tactics, this is no longer the case.

Read about how our NO-DIG tactics used in conjunction with our CCTV drain camera repaired a domestic house connection. Click here

Do you have a leaking pool pipe?

If you have a leaking pool pipe, Drain Tech is the only accredited pool pipe relining installer in Queensland that is endorsed by Flow-Liner TM. If you have had your pool tested and the problem pinpointed, we can offer a trenchless solution to reline your pool pipe.

Our NO-DIG services include:

  • Clearing Blocked Drains
  • Pipe Relining
  • Plumbing Inspections
  • Pipe and Drain report
  • Leak Detection

The areas we cover are:

  • Sunshine Coast
  • Brisbane
  • Wide Bay

If you need help with a blocked drain or sewer at your domestic address we’d be happy to help. Call us on 0417 629 617 for a no obligation chat or email