We’ve been doing this for 25 years and have never faltered in our ability to deliver quality service. Our team are qualified and experts in their field. We are flexible We understand time is money and we work with you to ensure your down time is as little as possible and has little or no impact on your business or time restraints. No Obligation quote We stand by our word. We are happy to chat with you about your drain and pipe issues. If you need an inspection, we will identify the problem and offer the best solution for that situation. No pipe is too small or too big. We have the technology and expertise. From the moment you call our friendly office staff, to the time your job is completed, we strive to make the journey a good one. This is why people choose Drain Tech.


We are Experts. Drain Tech (also known as Terry Gillam Plumbing) are leaders in our industry. We have developed specialised equipment over the years such as the Piperat testing and relining system. Pipe Relining is an evolving industry in Australia, and Drain Tech are at the coalface of development and are a willing partner in (testing?) technologies that help the industry to become more time and cost efficient. This is why Local authorities and civil contracting companies use Drain Tech! Our services cover the domestic market all the way through to the civil and local authority level. Our sewer connection repair service can be tailored to any situation and our zero cure main line patching (Smart Lock) system from 150mm through to 1800mm is the best in the world.


We offer our services to the domestic market all the way through to the civil and local authority level. Domestically we can clear blocked drains and diagnose drainage problems with drain cameras giving the home owner information on how to effectively repair a damaged section of drain. WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU Please feel free to ring us regarding any drainage issue, whether it is sewer, stormwater or a main drain problem for a no obligation chat. We'd love to help. Contact us on 0417 629 617 or email info@draintech.com.au.

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